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The Life of a Psychotic Bishi

The Back Of My Mind

Duo Leonheart
2 April

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User Number: 796016
Date Created:2002-11-30
Number of Posts: 556

Um im a cosplayer aspiring to work for SquareEnix. Im also trying to learn bass.
Strengths: Crazy, sniper, roleplaying, cosplayer, tall, dark, and questionably bishonen.
Weaknesses: Low Self Confidense, Horrible spelling skills, Shikamaru Syndrome (For those of you who don't know this means I procrasitinate to no end when I don't find somethin improtant), Nazi parents(ROFLMAO yes this is a weakness).
Special Skills: Um Psychosis and creativity. THough arent those the same thing? Oh and im a pretty good marksmen.
Weapons: Sharp Teeth, The Dirge Of Cerberus, Sharpest Frigin Claw for an arm youll ever see.

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